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Wiping Rag Producer

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Looking for wiping rags, wiping cloths, cotton wipers, or disposable wipes? We are your source!

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Our Rags are Used In A Variety of Industries

Our clean, quality rags can be found in a variety of industries including – automotive, marine, industrial, janitorial, and food service industries.

We’re Green and Proud of It!

From the very beginning our family business has recycled used materials. We help keep over 12 million pounds of textiles out of landfills each year by repurposing them into quality wiping rags for your business. Our dedication to keeping the earth green is something we are very proud of at Carolina Textiles.

Become A Preferred Distributor

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Generate Revenue From Your Excess Clothing

Four million tons of used textiles are discarded annually in the United States. The EPA estimates that only 16% of that is recycled. Despite the best efforts of local charities, millions of tons of textiles still end up in landfills. At Carolina Textiles we are happy to turn those items into revenue for your Thrift Store.