Thrift Store Partnership

Does Your Thrift Store Have A Surplus of Clothing?

Generate revenue from clothing that would otherwise be thrown away!


How The Process Works

Step-by-step of how your unusable clothing becomes usable rags.

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You Have A Surplus of Clothing That You Don’t Know What To Do With

A common trouble with clothing donations is that they build up over time, taking precious space. That’s where Carolina Textiles comes in.

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We come to drop off a trailer

We Come To Drop Off A Trailer

If your store or donation center is located within 300 miles of Walterboro, SC and have a substantial amount of clothing, toys (hard or soft), paired shoes, purses and belts we will drop off a 28-foot collection trailer at no extra charge.

we will come pick up the trailer

We Come Pickup the Full Trailer

Once you have filled the trailer, we come and retrieve it. If you have more items, we will swap the full trailer for an empty one and repeat the process.

cleaning rags pile

Trailer(s) are Weighed & Sorted

All items are weighed by the pound and you are paid a per pound price for each item category. The categories are — shoes, purses, belts, toys, and clothing.

we will write you a check for your surplus clothing

Earn Money & Save The Environment

You can generate revenue from otherwise ‘throw-away’ product as well as save a landfill from having clothing decompose for years. It’s a win-win!

The Green Choice

Four million tons of used textiles are discarded annually in the United States. The EPA estimates that only 16% of that is recycled. Despite the best efforts of local charities, millions of tons of textiles still end up in landfills.

In fact, textile waste is a growing problem and charities just cannot keep up. Clothing is clogging our landfills and to combat the problem, we need to view the recycling of clothing  the same way we view the recycling of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard. Carolina Textiles is here to help.

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